Our Mission

MICAN is a communication business and technology consulting firm. Our aim is to help you solve your difficult problems and to provide support and direction to help your business succeed. The world of telecommunications is moving fast and demands an agile and adaptive approach. In order for you to remain vital, valued, and profitable, you cannot expect to maintain the status quo. New competitors armed with innovative and different solutions are coming at your business from several directions and you must respond and defend your market share with new solutions that meet your customers needs. We are here to help you succeed.

We provide consulting, design, and technical guidance for telecommunications systems. We are experts in this field with decades of practical, hands-on experience. We have seen and solved most issues that you are facing and have already earned deep experience in the next generation challenges too. From SD-WAN to multi-cloud orchestration, from remote connectivity, to vCPE solutions over the public internet. to complex closed circuit camera systems to wireless mesh networks for IoT, we are your best source for problem solving and strategies to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on doing good work that makes a difference all the while having a fun, relaxed attitude. We are driven, competitive, and work with a sense of urgency. However, we enjoy our work so we aim to make these projects, which can be stressful for you, a relaxed and enjoyable experience. You can trust our decades of practical experience to come to your rescue and solve problems and address issues in a cost effective manner. Our values are core to who we are and what we do. Here are our corporate values for you to consider. If these values are equally important to you and your company than we can be a good fit to collaborate together.

  • COMMUNITY – Be a part of our community; whether locally, regionally, nationally, or globally. We contribute to the community fabric and try hard to be a good citizen.
  • BEST PEOPLE – We love our people and we want to work with the very best. We pride ourselves on being parts of this team.
  • SERVICE TO OTHERS – We are service oriented. We exist to help others. We want to help you to succeed.
  • EMBRACE DIVERSITY – We live in a diverse community and we respect all. Everyone has value to share and contribute to the solution. Without respect for our team and customers, we cannot succeed. We pride ourselves at being open and inclusive. All are welcome at our table.
  • DRIVEN BY PASSION – We are passionate people and are driven to succeed. Our motivation is from your success. We only win when you win first.
  • QUALITY – Quality is fundamental to all that we do. We are focused on delivering meaningful work and designing solutions that meet your current goals and are adaptable to the unknowns of tomorrow. We leverage open architecture and standards based solutions that permit connections to whatever you need to connect to.
  • COLLABORATION – We believe in teamwork and augmenting you and your teams. While we can work stand alone, our great preference is to collaborate with you and your team to design solutions that fit you perfectly.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – It is our goal to do no harm to the environment. We have one earth and we must protect it to the best of our ability. So, health, safety, and conscious efforts to make life better is a part of our DNA.
  • VOLUNTEERING – We believe that it is important to support those who need help. So, we volunteer beyond work to make lives better to those who need this help. We give back what we can, and make this a part of our core values and our business model.