MICAN provides telecommunications consulting and systems integration services to several key industries. Our skills, knowledge, and experience are valuable and are flexible. They can be applied easily to related Industries and businesses. So, MICAN can help you if you work in one of these industries:

Broadcasting – MICAN has decades of media design and engineering experience and its team members have been involved in some of the largest projects in the industry. From studios, post-production, news, master control, equipment rooms, and more, all with the latest technology.

Education – MICAN has helped many post secondary schools to make sense of their networks so they can best serve the needs of their stakeholders. Students, faculty, and stall all expect to have these networks available without fail 24/7. It is a daunting task for schools, but MICAN understands the issues and can help.

Energy and Utilities – MICAN team members have participated in dozens of smart meter and smart grid project in over 35 countries. With successes at nuclear and hydro-electric generation sites, MICAN can add wireless communication in turbine halls, containment rooms, and over distances for reservoirs.

Entertainment Venues and Sports Events – Sports projects have been a mainstay for MICAN’s team for years. Whether it is designing a CATV system for the Pan Am Games, broadcast systems for the Olympics, or providing signal distribution in venues for hockey, baseball, and basketball, we have done all of the above many times over.

Government – The telecommunication needs of all levels of government are diverse. Cost effective means to connect people is critical and the speed of communications cannot be impaired by distance, geography, or time zones. MICAN has designed solutions from coast to coast and in the farthest reaches of the high Arctic. We understand remote communications.

Manufacturing – While Canada and the USA are behind Europe and Asia in automation of factory floors, we do have a good foundation to build upon and are progressing fast. The integration of robotics, processes, networks, asset management, and preventive maintenance, all underpinned with artificial intelligence will bring higher quality, reduced down time, better yields, and increased utilization of assets.

Mining – The global mining industry is transforming fast. MICAN’s team members have been deeply engaged in autonomous mining with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE cellular. We understand what it takes to build safe, reliable, and sustainable automated mines.

Oil and Gas – The economy has been hard on the oil and gas industry. And companies in this industry have looked to MICAN’s associates for help. MICAN helped to take out costs and automate processes. It is all about transforming this way business is done. All while providing critical technological help with worker safety issues too.

Smart Cities – MICAN has been involved in more than a dozen different use cases for smart cities, from traffic to electricity, from sewers to streetlights, and from garbage collections to kiosks, we have relevant experience that cities need. All supported with A.I., blockchain, security, and superior networks.

Telecom – MICAN understands making connections with common carriers, whether down the block or around the globe, we can help. While serving the Telecom sector, our MICAN team members have crafted microwave, cellular, satellite, and electronic news gathering systems.

Transportation – MICAN knows telecommunications for the next generation transportation solutions, from colocating transport trucks, last mile autonomous buses, airplanes with IoT sensor arrays, to trains with ETC / PTC for command and control.