We have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of working and designing complex IP and broadcast Systems. We can select and source any product and integrate into complex infrastructures giving the end user simple usability in a complex work environment. Having worked in both systems engineering and large scale television production allows us to understand the whole delivery network from start to finish.

“Patch in the camera”

Our Management Consulting has worked all over the world. 

CFTO / CTV Satellite Antenna Farm

MICAN team associates have been actively engaged in the broadcast and media industry for over 40 years. We possess recognized expertise in a variety of subsections of this industry including capabilities for the design and engineering of:

  • Master Control
  • Edit Suites
  • Studios
  • News
  • ENG / SNG (Electronic News Gathering / Satellite News Gathering)
  • Telecine
  • Teleports
  • Mobile Production Vehicles
  • Social Media
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Audio Editing, Mixing, Layback, and Enhancement
  • Lighting Automation
“Cue the audio”

“What makes MICAN different?”

The answer, according to our many broadcast, telecom, corporate, and government clients, often involves…

  • MICAN’s ability to deliver the best features of a larger operator: global expertise, cutting edge technologies, and deep experience – all of which assure high levels of service trust;
    While at the same time providing…
  • The quick response and personal touch that promote confidence and build winning business relationships.

Simply put, MICAN creates real competitive advantages for customers by combining our agility, resources, and technical expertise with the rapid response and high levels of service that have become critical for success in today’s business world.

CTV Racks

Are these benefits unique in the broadcast and media communications industry? To many of our customers, the answer is “yes.”