Whether you need a connection to the next town or around the globe, MICAN can help you to work with the carriers to make this onerous task easier. When contracting with carriers, they all tend to be different, even carriers that operate under the same legislation seem to do things differently from one another. Once you leave Canada, the game intensifies and the difficulties increase exponentially. So, how do you succeed?

When you choose MICAN to help you, we work with your team to get your needs met and secure not only the best deal, but the right deals for your business. We can help by writing RFI, RFP, and RFQ. We have years of experience constructing these documents and building evaluation templates to assemble an apples for apples comparison of the respondent to map their offerings to your use cases.

We work with you to avoid the obvious contracting mistakes:

  • Add escape clauses to your contracts to ensure that you can get out of them fairly harm free when your needs change the the services are no longer needed
  • We build in the ability to make changes to the services so if you acquire a business or get acquired, you can adapt to the new situation
  • Create service level agreements (SLA) that have definitions and expectations spelled out in advance to avoid surprises and costly mistakes and to correct for service outages
  • We get you connected at your time frame, not the carriers lackadaisical pace for service. These days, time is precious and get a new connection strapped up fast can mean huge performance results that hit the bottom line
  • Built-in avoidance for technological lock-in. If a carrier connects you to a service, such as SONET, and it becomes obsolete (which it already is) and then they offer new customers a next generation service like SD-WAN, you do not want to be pinned to the older technology and lose the flexibility and cost savings from the next generation services. MICAN can help by building in the ability to change and adapt without penalties in many cases
  • Carriers try to lock you into long duration contracts. MICAN helps to define a contract duration that is more suitable to today’s agile businesses
  • One of the most impactful ways that MICAN can help your business is by assisting with the reconciliation of the carrier invoices. Often, these bills are confusing and difficult validate as being correct. We build templates that help your accounting staff to ensure that these invoices map to the services received and what is in the SLA and the contract. We provide tools to reconcile invoices and ensure that you are paying only for the services that you agreed to buy. This is a major challenge and one that sneaks the most expenses past you for no good reason.

By negotiating well up front you save meaningful dollars over the years of a contract. Even small issues add up over time. By understanding the rules and tariffs, we can make these savings impactful. MICAN understands the carriers and how they operate, so we can help you to get the best deals and more importantly be provided with the right kinds and levels of carrier services for your business success.